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Trimble Digital Construction Summit 2019

Trimble Digital Construction Summit 2019

Venue: Tivoli Hotel and Congress Center, Copenhagen, 18 - 19 November 


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Whether you are an experienced BIM professional or planning to adopt BIM, the Trimble Digital Construction Summit 2019 is your perfect opportunity to become updated, inspired, and network with your industry peers. 


Day one offers 12 plenary sessions. 

Day two offers four parallel sessions:

A | for BIM/Project Managers, Infrastructure

B | for BIM Designers and Contractors, Infrastructure

C | for BIM/Project Management and Decision Makers, Buildings

D | for BIM Designers, Super/Main Software Users and technical people, Buildings


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Looking forward to seeing you in Copenhagen on the 18th to 19th of November!

Monday 18. November
09.00 - 10.00

Registration, Coffee and Tea

10.00 - 10.25
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Welcome to Trimble Digital Construction Summit

Our commitment to constructible BIM. 


Rosalind Buick, Senior Vice president Trimble Buildings Division and Michael Bank, Senior Vice president Trimble Civil Engineering and Construction Division

10.25 - 10.50
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The role of BIM in the circular economy of the construction sector

Half of global raw materials are used in construction. Without a strong and rapid transition into circular economy, it does not seem likely that we can meet the climate goals of the Paris Agreement or avoid a global resource crisis. To ensure this transition, the potential of BIM needs to be fully utilised in the design, financing, procurement, maintenance and recycling of buildings.


Dr. Matti Kuittinen, Senior Specialist at the Ministry of the Environment, Finland and Adjunct Professor of Resource-efficient Construction, Aalto University, Finland

10.50 - 11.15
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One open format for Building and Infrastructure – where are we and where are we going

Open standards for exchanging BIM is essential for collaboration and innovation in our industry. What is the staus of the standardisation today, and what are the focus areas in the coming years.


Richard Kelly, Operations Director, buildingSMART International, United Kingdom

11.15 - 11.40

Coffee and exhibition

11.40 - 12.05
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BIM methodology is moving the industry - contract standards must be changed

Norwegian Rail and Road authorities require BIM models as the state of the art in infrastructure projects in Norway. The contract standards need to follow up the change from drawings to models. RIF (Norwegian Federation of Engineering Consultancy Associations) is working with contract standardisation to handle the digital shift.


Liv Kari Hansteen, Vice President EFCA (European Federation of Engineering Consultancy Associations) and CEO RIF (Norwegian Federation of Engineering Consultancy Associations), Norway 

12.05 - 12.30
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Creating value with digital fabrication and constructible 1:1 model

This presentation will cover highly developed and constructible 1:1 model flows into digital fabrication allowing transparency and openness throughout all project phases. The constructible BIM process is a vital tool to have an agile design and construction process. This enables implementations of unforeseen changes and design iterations.


Jens Fobian-Larsen, VDC Specialist, CN3, Denmark

12.30 - 13.30


13.30 - 13.50
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Transparent and live collaboration in a shared model environment on a Design Build Operate Road project

For the road projects RV3/RV25 the design and construction processes are carried out simultaneously. Digitalisation of the construction site was a clear requirement from the owner and contractor. What are the benefits of a shared, transparent BIM environment and how to get all people on board?


Katrin Johannesdottir, Digitalization, VDC and BIM Manager, Skanska, Norway

13.50 - 14.20
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Construction Case Study using design workflow - BIM for Infrastructure Pilot Project S19 in Poland

BIM workflow supporting from the design to the execution. Robust collaboration through the full construction lifecycle including multi-standard design input, management, and machine control progress feedback using the Quadri platform.


Michał Latała, Design Coordinator, STRABAG, Poland and Arkadiusz Leśko, BIM Solutions Engineer, Arkance Systems, Poland

14.20 - 14.40
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Creating amazing environments using digital construction techniques

How do we create the best environment for our workforce, and what effects does this have? How digital construction techniques are helping to create amazing environments. This will track our journey in virtual design and construction and into better information.


Cambell Brown, Head of Design, PJ Carey, United Kingdom

14.40 - 15.10

Coffee and exhibition

15.10 - 15.30
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Information flow in megaprojects: Platform of trust

In mega size projects there are thousands of issues to be dealt with – and two that lie behind all curtains: trust and flow of information. Timely decisions are based both on product- and process information, but the data creates no value if it doesn’t flow and if it is not disposed transparently and distributed. How will the preconditions of success be covered in the Helsinki-Tallinn -railway tunnel megaproject? The tunnel is a € 15 bn endeavor where information flow and trust between people are essential.


Jyrki Keinänen, CEO and Partner, AINS Group (A-Insinöörit), Finland

15.30 - 15.50
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Technology from 2020 and beyond

How technology can help the path to BIM.


Kim Nyberg, Technology Director, Trimble

15.50 - 16.10
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Microsoft HoloLens 2 XR-10 with constructible BIM

Mixed Realty brings value to the whole construction and constructible BIM workflow ecpecially in training and prefabrication. Trimble is Microsoft's first partner to launch a customisable version of HoloLens. This device brings constructible BIM to the field. In this presentation you will see the latest developments and the latest version of HoloLens in action. 


Aviad Almagor, Senior Director for Mixed Reality and Brain Computer Interface, Trimble 

16.10 - 17.00
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Producing a digital twin using tools from all major vendors

Through open standards, open API's and integrated software connectors, Trimble Quadri is a unique solution to integrate model data from your preferred solution in a collaborative multiuser BIM environment. Resulting in one common, constructible model, ready to be shared with the site.
Multiple design solutions (Trimble, Autodesk, Bentley....) working interactively.


Live demo, Trimble

17.00 - 18.00

Exhibitors' Hour




Conference dinner

Conference dinner and entertainment. During the evening the winner of the Constructible BIM Award 2019 will be announced. 

Dresscode: Business smart

Tuesday 19. November
09.00 - 09.35
Parallel sessions
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The digital transformation of the Danish infrastructure industry

The goals and aims for digital transformation within the Danish infrastructure sector.


Gita Mohshizadeh, Bane Danmark and Rasmus Lynge Fuglsang, Vejdirektoratet, Denmark

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Finding the optimal rail corridor based on a complex set of input parameters

Using Trimble Quantm to automatically evaluate a wide range of corridors for the planned high speed rail project in Sweden, project Linköping, Ostlänken. 


Mark Lidback, Railway Designer, Atkins, Sweden

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How to increase site productivity with a full BIM environment

Based on several projects from GA Smart Building, this session will show you how using a full BIM process and offsite production allows the company to shorten its construction time and increase the quality of its buildings. Two specific case studies, focused on Amazon Platform @Bretigny (FR) and MBDA Headquarters @Le Plessis (FR), will illustrate the coordinated use of Tekla and Trimble Connect state-of-the-art tools, enhanced with API based on developments.


Remi Visiere, Director of Research, Development and Innovation, and Olivier Pellegrin, BIM Manager, GA Engineering, France

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Algorithmic modelling for Tekla software using Rhino/Grasshopper

The Grasshopper-Tekla live link is a set of Grasshopper components that can create and interact with objects live in Tekla Structures. The link enables structural engineers who create complex structures to efficiently support the design vision early in the project lifecycle.


Sebastian Lindholm, Trimble

09.45 - 10.20
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The path to the "I" in BIM

How to combine CoClass with IFC, classification and information.


Mikael Malmkvist, Product Manager CoClass, Svensk Byggtjänst, Sweden

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Scheduling the execution phase for the railway track connection to the Fehmarn Belt tunnel

Deutsche Bahn has used TILOS for digital scheduling for the railway track connection to the Fehmarn Belt tunnel between Denmark and Germany, optimizing the execution of earthworks and other relevant operations.


Josef Sen, Project Engineer, Deutsche Bahn, Germany

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Tripla of Pasila - An extensive BIM based project

Finland's largest building construction project, the Central Pasila in Helsinki. An exceptionally extensive BIM based project that utilized pioneering, close collaboration and an open-minded approach to BIM. The project tested the latest technological solutions, which selected the most effective alternatives and, if necessary, built them themselves through Open API. The accurate model was used in a versatile and participatory way, taking into account the customers of the project. The various fields of construction were widely combined with data modeling.


Max Levander, Head of BIM, Ramboll, Finland and Janne Salin, BIM/VDC/xR Specialist, YIT Finland

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BrIM – BIM for bridges - It is here to stay

The presentation includes a demonstration of how road and bridge designers can collaborate via Trimble Connect. The presenter will demonstrate how to bring in the road alignment to Tekla Structures; easily model a double curved complex concrete deck; apply complex reinforcement; create some drawings and bar bending schedules. The presentation will finish with all the data, such as IFC model, drawings and reports being exported back to Trimble Connect for truly collaborative BrIM.


Gabriel Neves, Trimble

10.20 - 10.50

Coffee and exhibition

10.50 - 11.25
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Unbreakable data flow in a BIM based design, construction and maintenance project (Design-Build project delivery)

In Ringroad 1, Keilaniemi Highway and Tunneling project, SRV Infra, Sweco and the City of Espoo have worked closely together with several other stakeholders. In this project those three main stakeholders have used a range of Trimble Design software, including the Quadri Server. This together with new working methods have ensured continuous data and information flow between designers, contractor, client and other stakeholders throughout the project.


Olli Sihvola, Project Manager, SRV Infra, Finland and Juho Siipo, Managing Director, SWECO Infra, Finland

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Constructible modelling of Road, Rail, and Water & Sewer in a multiuser BIM environment

Designing multiple domains in a live constructible BIM model, with the purpose of delivering straight to construction - Live Demo.


Inge Tørnes and Patrick Mc Gloin, Trimble

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Lean and smart data for a clear design-build-supply chain process view

Transparency of communication, speed and quality of decision-making between project participants often determine its success. This presentation will show how the utilization of BIM data saves time, improves quality, helps prevent human error and uses less management resources to carry out precast building sales-design-fabrication-logistics-construction work. Through examples we will show how easy it is to understand the current project situation, and to make the right decisions at the right time. We will also show some examples of how BIM data in the supply chain helps to automate planning, quality control and other processes. Key takeaways from this session are to understand how BIM data can be used in design-build supply chain management, in quality control of structural engineering solutions and in precast element manufacturing and assembly processes.


Audrius Tulaba, CEO, INHUS UAB, Lithuania

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Intelligent Information Management

This presentation addresses the challenges, using real case examples, on how the different kinds of data such as 3D/BIM models, 2D drawings, and contracts, etc. can be managed so that the right information is available to the right person at any time and on any device. Information should be organised based on WHAT is required instead of WHERE it’s stored. The same philosophy works both for BIM objects, files and documents.


Teemu Nivell, General Manager, BuildPoint, Finland

11.30 - 12.05
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Digital twin in a Common Data Environment. BIM for asset information management

How to handle the model transition from design, through construction and futher to an asset information model. Examples of systems where Quadri is used as a core for both design and asset information models.


Idar Kirkhorn, Trimble

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The "I" in BIM accross all domains accessable from a common BIM for Infrastructure server

From soil mechanics to road sign, all stored and shared as rich objects in a live BIM model. Accessable through open standard formats like IFC.


Erling Tronsmoen and Patrick Mc Gloin , Trimble

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Critical upward extension of a luxury hotel in New Delhi

Discover how we used BIM design with the upward extension of the hotel in New Delhi. BIM was a crucial tool in planning the reinforcement of existing columns and the application of seismic technologies, as well as efficiently managing the difficult site conditions. Data comparing BIM and conventional design softwares will be presented, showing BIM advantages in terms of time-saving and productivity improvements.


Stefano China, Technical Director, Tecnostrutture, Italy

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BrIM – BIM for bridges - It is here to stay

The presentation will include a demonstration of how road and bridge designers can collaborate via Trimble Connect. The presenter will demonstrate how to bring in the road alignment to Tekla Structures; easily model a double curved complex concrete deck; apply complex reinforcement; create some drawings and bar bending schedules. The presentation will finish with all the data, such as IFC model, drawings and reports being exported back to Trimble Connect for truly collaborative BrIM.


Gabriel Neves, Trimble 

12.05 - 13.15


13.15 - 13.50
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Managing chaos in infrastructure projects

The value of managing data from multiple sources, and communicating inside the model using location based topics.


Andreas P. Lorentzen, Urban Planner and GIS Specialist and Ragnhild Nøstvold, BIM and VDC facilitator, COWI, Norway

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From design to construction - integration to field

Constructible models to field is now a requirement. In this presentation we look at experiences with existing solutions and the path forward. 


Stefan Argiriu, Trimble

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How early digital design adds value for building owners

Presenting a case study from the Hong Kong International Airport showing the benefits of TDS’s collaborative digital design. Improving the certainty of success in construction and residential projects.


Daniel Leech, CEO, and Simon Chatwin, Operations Manager, Technical Design Services Group (TDS), United Kingdom

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IFC4precast - modern model-based data exchange for precast industry

Overcoming the challenges of existing file formats, and disconnecting the factory constraints from the detailing phase, IFC4precast is the future way of communicating the constructible model to manufacturing systems based on the IFC4 data format. The IFC4precast project, supported by buildingSMART, aims at combining the best abilities of each existing precast fabrication format to create a modern process for collaboration that serves the needs of construction lifecycle and even beyond. In this session, we take a closer look at the IFC4precast concept and benefits, as well as the practical implementation with Tekla Structures down to Manufacturing Execution Systems (MES).


Thorsten Hertel, Trimble

13.55 - 14.30
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Collaboration between designer, contractor and owner in a major Alliance project: Jokeri Light Rail

Jokeri Light Rail line is in design phase. The line will be built in the Finland Metropolitan area between Itäkeskus in Helsinki and Keilaniemi in Espoo. The planned length of the line is approximately 25 km (15.5 miles), of which 16 km will be in Helsinki and the remaining 9 km in Espoo. The light rail will replace the trunk bus line 550, which is the busiest bus line in the Helsinki region.


Jyrki Oinaanoja, Group Manager, Ramboll, Finland

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Dynamic link between Tekla Structures and the live BIM infrastructure model.

Designing a bridge based on live road data that changes throughout the design process. Quadri Connector for Tekla Structures.


Jan Erik Hoel and Gabriel Neves, Trimble

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Digitalisation of constrution workflows - the DICtion project

In the DiCtion (Digitalizing Construction Workflows) project Trimble is looking forward to plan and create a digital environment and tools for creating, sharing and consuming the production phase process data linked to BIM objects. Work is done in co-operation with the key Finnish research organisations and industry representatives. The presentation gives an overview of the DiCtion project and discusses the technological concepts and key features of the future digital environment to be used for managing the workflows in a collaborative manner.


Jukka Suomi, Trimble 

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Rebar Control and Detailing in Tekla Structures

See the best practices for applying rebar sets to concrete geometry in real project scenarios. Attending this presentation is an opportunity to look at the latest workflow developments from setting up options and dialogues for rapid modelling to controlling drawings using new rebar related features. Open Q&A session at the end to discuss application of sets, future developments and current functionality feedback.


Sakari Lahti, Trimble

14.35 - 15.10
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Collaborating in a common BIM environment on urban infrastructure projects

Experiences with using the Quadri BIM for Infrastructure server for collaboration between domains, in urban infrastructure projects.


Erlend Melhus, Civil Engineer and Gjermund Dahl, BIM Strategist, Norconsult, Norway

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Practical advice for stepping forward smartly in the digital continuum - pulling it all together – technology, processes and people

Real-time sharing of project related information from various technologies, people and processes into a single source of truth. Ensuring transparency and collaboration, risk assessment, and quality control and ultimately turning data into insights enables better informed decisions.


Cyndee Hoagland, Vice President Global Accounts and Stan Trim, Director for Trimble Consulting Services, Trimble

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Delivering Digital in the UK

In this presentation we will look at what has worked and what hasn’t been so successful in the digital transformation for an often sceptical industry. How has the
creation of standards and processes helped the UK construction industry to adopt digital transformation and can these ideas be transferred to other
countries too? Key takeaways –1. Delegates will gain a better understanding of how the UK has adopted digital processes. 2. A review of the BIM standards through the adoption of suite of UK BIM standards contributing to the adoption of global digital construction standards. 3. How learning from the UK can be applied to other projects and processes across the world.


Duncan Reed, Trimble 

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Precast concrete from model to manufacturing

In this presentation you will se how Ramboll applies a full design of structural components, including fabrication detailing in Tekla Structures.
In Denmark industry actors mostly provide general design to LOD 300-350 typically in Revit and let the contractor do the rest. This presentation shows how the complete package to LOD400 including fabrication files and drawings from Tekla Structures have been used. By using this method it is possible to reduce costs, optimize time schedules, and reduce risks for the client.  


Carsten Rune Ellendersen, Chief Project Manager, Ramboll, Denmark

15.10 - 15.40

Coffee and exhibition

15.40 - 16.15
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Constructible BIM to field

What is needed to ensure that the BIM model is constructible and ready to be used in field? Experience from using Trimble Novapoint and Quadri to deliver on site.


Christian Karlsson, Chief Surveyor and Henrik Sjöman, Design Manager, Veidekke, Sweden

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Easy access to the BIM model on web helps the different stakeholders to communicate in the BIM model

In BIM level 3 projects the number of drawings are almost down to zero. Quadri Easy Access is used for communicating the designed solution to all stakeholders involved in a project, and facilitate for commenting and questions related to objects in the model.


Tone R. Kritiansen, BIM Coordinator and Andreas Haugbotn, BIM Coordinator, ViaNova Plan og Trafikk, Norway

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From office desk to construction site: Case histories of BIM implementation

The presentation includes description of key challenges faced by a consulting engineering firm, working both for contractors and for final clients. Through a description of several case histories of projects completed/ongoing we will show how constructible models allow smooth information flow from design to execution, enhancing communication between consultants, client and contractors. Through KPI and comparison with traditional design methodology we will show the benefits obtained. Through the link between Tekla and algorithmic design software and using visual programming language and BIM authoring software we will show how this allows us both to fast-track the optioneering process in the conceptual design phase, and to rapidly adapt models in order to deal with uncertainties during the execution phase.


Stefano Bilosi and Claudio Demattia, Enser, Italy

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How to boost your productivity using Tekla APIs

The Construction industry is the least digitised industry in Europe. An API doesn’t digitise. But APIs play a large role in digital transformation and are key tools to boost productivity. This session explains what Tekla APIs are, how others have succeeded in using Tekla APIs, and what kind of alternatives there are for you to get started with Tekla application development.


Jaana Hannila, Trimble

16.20 - 16.45

Summary and closing - a look into the future for Building and Infrastructure hand in hand

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